Born on July 29th, 1971 in London Ontario Canada, Jason is a self taught illustration artist specializing in pen and ink. During his youth, his imagination discovered the miracle of "Saturday Morning T.V. and D.C Comics." He became obsessed with the comic superheros like Spiderman, The Hulk, and Batman, who became his hero and role model. He was a boy obsessed.        

 By the time Jason was in high school, his aptitude for illustration was clearly evident.   In school he excelled in art and acting and was a huge fan of Shakespeare. He had parts in several well received plays and was always in demand for the artistic input and illustrative assistance with the sets when he was not acting. After graduation, he spent several years with wanderlust travelling around British Columbia, working in such places as Whistler and Vancouver.

Jason moved to Toronto, Ontario in 2005 and continues his commissioned artwork.  At this time he is working to create his own comic line. Ask anyone who knows him and they will tell you, "A town loses part of its laughter and colour when Jason Youde leaves."

   And today, Batman is still his "Hero and Role Model", Jason is still helping the underdog and fighting injustice. He is on the look out for crime and always  puts a stop to  trouble ............ unless, of course, he is involved in it ;-)

 For Larger Pictures Of The Illustrations Below...SEE ILLUSTRATIONS PG 3



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